Wild Parrot Brewery. 2015

Pasadena, CA

View towards bar

This 3,600 sf brewery is a startup for a local brew master in the city of Pasadena, CA.  The design builds on the name, Wild Parrot Brewing Company, with elements of bird migration, bird life-cycle and a natural material palette.  The layout is simple with clear lines to the bar upon entry with open seating.  Simple materials organized in a coherent theme allow a user to experience a warm place to enjoy a beer with a friend.  Over the bar is a large sculpture that resembles a nest; the home for a bird and the heart of the pub.  The kids area is titled Fledglings and built with a low ceiling to give a sense of a place where they can grow and find their own wings through play activities.  There is a large opening into the Brewhouse where the fermentation tanks are on display.  The elements of the pub reflect the owner's desire to communicate to their patrons a place where families can hang out and taste a high quality beer.

View of children's play area

View towards Brewhouse