Eyes on the Water

Sometimes one notices new things when they allow their mind to become still.

Today, as I walked around the Silver Lake reservoir, I noticed something for the first time.  I've probably walked around the reservoir about +500 times since I've been living in LA.  But today, I walked at an unusual time of day, and alone - which isn't typical.

The water is beautiful and sad at the same time. It's as if the water has done sometime wrong and is forced to live inside a jail of 10' high chain link fence.  Besides the fact that we are unable to have a clear view of the water, what I noticed, is that there are almost no benches / areas to sit facing the water. 90% of the benches in the reservoir loop face the road, houses, or the meadow.  The two benches I did see that have direct views onto the water are inside the meadow, but far away from the edge, across the pedestrian path.

Does anyone else think this is unusual?

Why are we consciously turning our back to the water?

Being near bodies of water, natural or man made, bring positive attributes to people living in a big city like Los Angeles. Areas where we can experience relaxation, calming, healing, and meditative states, just to name a few, are opportunities we can definitely use more of. 

I propose we create benches around the reservoir loop that can be used to direct our gaze toward the water and work on getting the City of Los Angeles to remove the fence, in order to have an unimpeded view. 

Directing our attention toward our most precious resource, brings awareness and a certain stillness to the busy lives we lead in this great City.