Flock, A Migratory Tower. 2016

Evolo Skyscraper Competition

Nomads and Explorers.

Humans have long been drawn to discovering the universe and influencing the patterns of migration. Taking a cue from birds, we created a tower-city that responds to the idea that the city of the future is one of a globally integrated society and not one that is divided by countries and continents.

People tend to migrate for a variety of reasons, but some of the common trends that re-emerge are:

·       Economic opportunities – financial success is greater in another region

·       Societal pressures – moving closer to family, escaping conflict, human rights issues and / or oppression

·       Career freedom – job allows the ability to work remotely from anywhere

·       Climate – weather is preferential in another location


Taking our inspiration from birds - our feathered friends of the sky - who migrate with freedom from a societal divide, we imagine a place where humans from all around the globe can choose to live in a floating tower-city in international waters.

The ability to migrate is twofold. On a macro scale, the tower-city itself is able to move location. If storms or inclement weather threaten the safety of the tower, it can quickly change its coordinates through the use of its turbine propulsion system. It is not tied to its original location and may not be in the same place from year to year. On a micro scale, the individual is able to migrate between towers through the use of small vessels. These vessels are equipped to fly in the air or swim beneath the sea, and can dock at any of the perch-points shown in yellow along the building façade.

Multiple tower-cities are positioned around the globe, sitting slightly offshore to both major metropolitan areas and remote parts of the world. The towers float much like a buoy with one-third of the height below the waterline and two-thirds rising above into the sky.

Design Elements

When a vessel arrives at a perch-point, the docking location provides direct access into the individual dwelling unit. Once inside, a central core runs the height of the tower and takes people between the various amenity areas.

Some of the tower amenities include:

·       A six floor outdoor public park

·       Two multi-floor retail areas with integrated dining

·       Flexible office space separate from the dwelling unit

·       An extensive fitness area with multi-floor, incline-focused running track & climbing wall

·       Observation deck for public events and meetings

·       Community based outdoor decks allocated to every third floor

·       Open vertical slots, cut into the tower façade, letting light and air into dwelling units

Some of the sustainable features of the tower-city include:

·       A water powered energy turbine that generates electricity from the changing ocean tides

·       A filtration system set at sea level which skims discarded debris and plastics from the surface

·       Solar responsive glazing panels that activate when optimal solar angle is reached


The FLOCK tower-city enables people to have a freedom of place. It provides a solution to some of the world’s current environmental issues including rising tides and self-sustainable energy generation. It gives people the flexibility to respond to fluctuating environmental factors and economic trends.

With an optimistic vision, it brings people together from all walks-of-life and moves toward a global social structure, not bound by geographic divisions.